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  1. Yeah.. I spend 1 day to figure out the best way to make it not to merge each other. And I admit it is good to automatically merge to make it '2 gang or 3 gang' type. But the problem is it will merge switch and socket together when they both stay next to each other and at the same height. Btw thank you..
  2. My solution is select object > Open Symbol Uncheck all this in Option > Option ( previously I checked Switch + 220 Volt + Switched ) I just unchecked all those. I dunno if this is the correct way to solve it, But it work for me.
  3. Thanks Buddy.. I finally managed to solve it. It can stay in a perfect line without merging each other.
  4. yes.. I found it.. but still doesnt help.. the model still going to merge
  5. Never see that option 'bumping and pushing' before.. where is that option located?
  6. Hello guys. I made a custom symbols and model for my electrical because CA dont have it. I managed to make it but the problem is they cannot stay side by side.. they will merge like this Btw the can stay side by side if each of em not the same height How do i solve this? Please help
  7. Thank you buddy. That pdf is another worth lesson for me. Even Im not from U.S.. but I believe the whole world follow the same rules. Thanks for sharing. Appreciated.
  8. Hmm.. Today i learned something big from your comment. When you mentioned about tax, bank, building property.. that changed my whole perspective how 'area' calculation should be. Thank you so much and I really appreciated your simple comment.
  9. Hello guys I have a problem with area calculation area. The room actual size is 3m x 3m ( 9 m2 ) The wall must be center line. The problem is CA calculate outer side of the room. ( 9.92 m2 ) How do i get a calculation by center line. ( 9 m2 )
  10. I did this... like set new default exterior wall.. make new room with shed roof.. and it works. Thanks man.. you help a lot. Lol.. im in hurry to show my problem. This is my stupid mistake lol. But i learned something new.. 'exchange with floor below' tools, i never use it before. What im doing is copy, move to down level then paste. Today i learned good tools and it very useful. Thank a lot buddy.
  11. I still the same ROOF PROBLEM.plan
  12. Hello guys. I'm facing a problem making a shed roof. I create a simple room covered with shed roof type. But i found one of my wall make a gap between the the roof. I searched in youtube, read posts in this forum but i no luck. What make my wall become like that? Which setting should fix it? Hope you guys can help me. Thanks
  13. Thanks Kbird1. I just checked my preferences, my saved template is the default one.
  14. Thanks HumbleChief. I tried your instructions. I still cannot find away way to set my custom level height to be default . I navigated to default tools ( wrench icon > floor & rooms > current floor ).. I managed to set all my 3 level at the height that i wanted and it has been set as 'default' rite? NO!!.. it just a day dream. I switched to 'All On Set' layer.. delete everything ( only walls ) and save as a template. Open New plan ( Ctrl+N ),, I start create a single room ( level 1) - then check the height ( Finished Ceiling F ) - yes.. the heigh
  15. Thanks Mr Lew Yeah, i found it will be very useful when you can lock any object or distance. I hope they will offer those option on the next update. Yeah. This what always happened to me. When Im done with the 1st floor, i create upper floor then start working on it then. After everything seems ok on the 2nd floor, I thought yeah Im 'done'.. So i moved down to 'double check' then i noticed why my ceiling look so low and I need to re-adjust every room height.. and i need to re-adjust my staircase too. Thanks Mr Solver Yeah, I