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  1. My god David, that is some epic design work! Your method may have done the trick, it looks like it's working. Wait, what's the pool symbol?
  2. I'm having no end of grief trying to create an indoor pool. I can make an outdoor one to my hearts content, however when I replicate the process in the "pool room", it won't work at all. Is there a method I'm not aware of to make an indoor pool? Using Chief X10
  3. Bugger, I did look for when it was published/updated.
  4. So this is par for the course, fair enough. How can I select 4K? The Walkthrough Options box doesn't have the resolution drop down or codec selection as per the link:
  5. Some updates. We've managed to move the X10 install to a 12 core i9-7920X with a 1080Ti video card and 64GB RAM and the PB walkthrough rendering speed is still slow as treacle, I might be getting two frames per second if lucky. What gives???
  6. It's a HP ZBook 15 G3 with the Quadro M1000M. Chief sees this card as the video card to use and PBR runs like a champ when freewheeling in 3D (all of the motion modes are smooth as silk). Further troubleshooting revealed that if I use the built-in codecs to process the video, it's all CPU. If I use the x264vfw coded, there is load sharing between the CPU and GPU.
  7. I've been lucky enough to have access to a machine that has X10 installed at my new place of employment. PBR... oh my god. Anyway, I've noticed that when recording the walkthrough (with PBR as the rendering technique), the GPU is not used at all. Can this be changed?
  8. I just did a search on Xeon and the only two results are my posts! Unless everyone has incorrectly spelled them "Zeon"
  9. I've made a post in the "Suggestions" section Unreal is a game engine first and foremost, but it lends itself extremely well to architectural design. I "built" the house we currently live in a much earlier version of Unreal (essentially a custom level in UT2004). I used very high resolution textures and as a result, it still looks good today. How do you define a set of presets for walkthroughs?
  10. I wasn't until you mentioned it I've just had a cursory look at it, it's not quite what I was thinking. Being able to walk through a design and free roam would be fantastic.
  11. The Xeon's in my system are faster than any i7 bar the latest Coffee Lake CPU's (six core each). Quadro is the nVidia workstation video card, however my one is admittedly an older one, I do have a Geforce 750 Ti I can whack in there, which is much faster. A suggestion, a completely customisable camera for walk through would be great, as would the ability to export the project to a standalone executable where the client/stakeholders can freely roam around the project; a bit like they are playing a first person shooter. A few firms I deal with resort to using the Unreal game engine system to create client walkthroughs. Also the ability to set the resolution of walkthrough videos would be great, the current method of resolution being dependent on the size of the viewport is a bit silly.
  12. Hi all. I'm just getting into Chief Architect (X8 Premier) and whilst I can record a walkthrough video via a path, I'm finding it's taking ages to render a one minute walkthrough. The walkthrough camera defaults to daylight and I can't seem to find a way to change this. However I've saved a camera with sunlight toggled off and shadows toggled off. Is there a way to use this saved camera for walkthrough duties? System specs are: - 2x Xeon X5650 - 32GB RAM - 1TB HDD (RAID 0) - Quadro 600 video card