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  1. lindatchambers

    what did I do to my cursor?

    I have no idea what I changed, but if someone could help me out so I can change it back, that would be super! I am getting this spray icon next to my arrow and I don't know why.
  2. lindatchambers

    does the deck have a roof or not?

    the more I look into this, I am not opposed to having the deck uncovered. I cannot figure out why there is still roof framing there. I deleted the roof entirely, and had auto rebuild roofs redo- and they still show differently in the plan view vs. the orthographic. I have checked to make sure it's not just a layer that isn't displaying, but I don't know how to fix the framing now.
  3. lindatchambers

    does the deck have a roof or not?

    I'm confused here. I thought I had a roof extending over my deck. The orthographic overview shows NO roof over the deck, but the 3d framing layer does show a roof. How do I get these to match? I don't know how this happened. Thanks in advance!
  4. lindatchambers

    Framing issues

    ok, I figured out the joists. in the image below, I have a family room for a walkout basement. How do I fix that gap between the wall and the ceiling? I'm not sure why that happens. The wall on the left is complete, the front and center wall is obviously an exterior wall, and the right wall in the image is also an interior wall.
  5. lindatchambers

    Framing issues

    I just migrated from Home Designer Pro to CA X10. I have a plan that is close to completion. At one point, the framing was showing correctly- joists running parallel to my north and south walls. Now, I have a big hole in the middle where my living room has no framing, and the joists are running perpendicular to the north/south now. How do I figure out what I inadvertently changed? Is there a way to delete and rebuild the framing? Thanks in advance!