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  1. yes i havent worked on the newels at all. im just trying to get the layout of the panels correct!!! I dont know how to adjust it
  2. is there a way to make this railing curved as well or would i need to create a separate curved object too? im trying to create the attached stair rail and upper landing that is curved inward.
  3. once this is created, the client wants to see a rendering of the room, then after he accepts it, we will then go into production for fabrication.
  4. yes, but i dont use Sketchup, so i am looking to hire someone to create it for me. Any suggestions on a resource to hire someone to make this?
  5. I need to find a resource to have a specific staircase panel built that i can then import into my design plan. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to hire someone to build this if i provide a photo of what i need?