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  1. Hey ChiefTalk, what's up? I'm teaching myself how to draw roof planes, but I have a question: how do I create my own rake wall when I have gable walls of two different heights? I'm sure it's a simple answer but none of my improvised ideas have done the trick. Pictures for reference. Thanks all!
  2. Always a fan of more options on how to do it. Thanks MarkMc!
  3. Hey guys, simple question today. How do I remove floor moldings (baseboard etc.) from a single wall without removing it from the entire room? I see the option to change moldings under the room dialogue, but for this project being able to remove certain parts would be extremely useful. Thanks!
  4. Awesome, thanks for the help guys!
  5. Hey ChiefTalk, Simple question today: How do I move the placement of a sink in a base cabinet? It always places the sinks directly in the middle and I can't find out how to move it. Thanks guys.
  6. Hey ChiefTalk, how's everyone doing? I was having some issues with layout print attempts causing a program crash, which I learned was because I had 9 or 10 PDFs in my layout (boiler plate-type structural detail sheets that couldn't easily be copied into rich text). I had the idea to switch them all out for JPGs which fixed the problem, but as you all probably know, my final product from the print is just barely fuzzy. Is there a filetype besides JPG that doesn't stress out ChiefArchitect like PDFs do, while still maintaining sharp line quality on blueprint sized prints? Any help is appreciated, thanks guys. p.s. All my image files and PDFs are located on my computer internally, and aren't from an external source (Google Drive etc.). That was part of the original problem, which CA support helped me fix. I'll be calling them tomorrow as well to follow up, but ChiefTalk is always my first choice!
  7. I'm going from a hand drawing, so it's not too pretty, but here it is. I should have included it in the original post.
  8. I have a few ideas, but I'm pretty sure there has to be an easier way than how I'm trying it. How would you all go about scratch building an outdoor trellis?
  9. Thanks Kbird! I'm going to make a point to learn more about polyline solids today. It sounds like there's a lot I can do with that that I'm not aware of. Learning more every day!
  10. Hey ChiefTalk, how's everyone doing? I'm trying to make a 7' tall frameless shower with a partial ponywall on one side and a curb under the rest, as shown in the attached picture. I've successfully created what I want with two different methods: 1. Creating glass slab half walls at my desired height, then using soffits to create the ponywall and curb under the glass wall 2. Using a pony wall, where the bottom half is the 6" tall curb and the top half is my 7' tall glass wall However, anytime I try to paint a new material onto the soffits (the correct tile finish), the glass wall cuts off half of the soffit, both on the curb and the ponywall (shown in second picture). Why would the material painter screw up my soffits? It’s not changing anything structurally, just the appearance of the soffits (Right?). I've been instructed both by the reference manual and other users on this forum to use soffits to create simplistic surfaces like this shower curb, so I'm a bit vexed. p.s. While we’re at it, if anyone has a suggestion for a better way to create a frameless glass shower like this, I’m all ears. This is simply the way that I figured out how to do it myself. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the help everyone, that did the trick. I wish I had thought to try that myself. Cheers!
  12. I really wanted to try this option, but for whatever reason, it's grayed out and unselectable. Do you know how I might be able to change that? I fiddled with all the options in the dialogue, and none of them made Plot Lines selectable.
  13. Hey ChiefTalk, how's it going? I've been sending some elevation views to layout at 1" = 1', in the same manner I do for floor plans (except at a larger scale), but the elevation views become pixelated and really bad looking on the actual layout. Does this have something to do with the scale of the drawing being relatively large at 1" = 1'? The view I've been sending to layout has been in Line Drawing View, because I don't want the color of the vector view or any of the other views (the room in question has a lot of black tile that would make the elevations useless). Is there a better way than switching to Line Drawing View to get a plain, B&W line drawing of an elevation? Perhaps there's a way to switch other view types to black and white? My end goal is getting four elevation views on one page without looking like crud - attached is an image of what I've been getting (pic 1 actual elevation, pic 2 bad one). I've tried sending it to layout in various different ways but the same thing happens every time. Everyone's time and patience is really appreciated, I'm still fairly new to CA and haven't been able to find the answer on my own. -Connor
  14. Alright, sounds good everyone. Thanks for your input. PDFs it is!