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  1. Hello All, I'm using a note schedule for both my construction and electrical plans. I have the schedule on a CAD Detail and have copied it and put it on a separate layer on my electrical plan. Some notes, which I use for both plans like sinks and appliances, I've categorized as general note. The issue is those general note call outs are showing up on the plans and schedules as 2 numbers with a comma in between. I'm assuming it's because of different sequential orders of the notes. Is it possible have those general note call outs show as one number? I've attached my plan files for reference. Thank you. Backup Plan Files
  2. Attached is a plan of a house of which most is suspended by steel piers and beams due to the steep slope of the terrain, which you will notice in 3D. I would like to show the structure below these suspended areas with 8" square tubular steel posts secured to 18" deep x 30" square concrete footings and beams which are 12" high with 3.5 flanges. Any advice on how to do this in Premier X12 would be appreciated. Register