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  1. Oh, interesting. I never looked at it in the 3d model. I just got tunnel vision on the DBX detail. I've been killing myself over nothing. Thank you so much for your input!
  2. Dang! I tried uploading it unzipped (2.8mb) but it keeps giving me a -200 error
  3. Thanks Eric. Attached is the sample file of the issue. With the interior wall inserted it changes the foundation detail to having the floor on top of foundation. Delete the interior wall and it reverts to the correct detail with the floor hung inside foundation. Sample hang floor issue.zip
  4. I created a basement with the first floor platform hung inside the foundation walls and details a re perfect until I add an interior wall. As soon as I add even one interior wall in the basement the room detail reverts back to floor joists on top of foundation. Correct detail without any interior walls: Detail when I add even 1 single interior wall: Thanks in advance for your help.