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  1. Hello, I am trying to show post and beam composed by 3 or 4 plys, is it possible or I have to draw multiple beam of 1 1/2" and put them together?
  2. Thanks, yes I know I can turn it off, I was just wondering to have something faster because 90% of the plan I make are in french...
  3. I am doing plans for Canadien french market, I am searching a way to change the automatic mark as stair dn or up to be in french (BAS or HAUT) is there a way other to remove the label and do it manually each time?
  4. Thanks a lot, it was fast! Mathieu
  5. I am drawing a plan and I have a problem where my interior railing around a staircase affect the pitched ceiling above as if the railings would go to the ceiling but hidden. I have attached the plan here with a view. By the same occasion with the railings, I have drawn the stair railings manually but can't see them when I am on the floor above, is there a way to make them visibles? Thanks! Philantrope.plan.zip
  6. Thanks, I fully understand now, however our system is a kind of hybrid wall with 5" log outside and multilayers standard wall attached to it, so to keep all other automatics fonctions on the wall as cad details etc. I prefer the use of corner.
  7. Thanks Joe for your suggestion, I just want to make sure I fully understand, so you make hidden walls to keep the ability to put windows and doors in it and after, you apply row logs on top of each other, so it means you have to make solid subtract each time a window size stop somewhere in part of a log?
  8. Thank you, it look great, I will also look at Joe suggestion about hidden wall and decide witch one is the best for us because we do 100% of our plans this way, the simpler for us will be the better. For the moment, I am not sure to fully understand his way, I will need to check it back.
  9. I moved the point of origin to a distance where it was looking good from a 3d view
  10. Yes, I have done this several time, but if I am able to move the origin to fit correctly in 3D, even after I generate the 2D, it is not showing correctly on the plan
  11. How do I change the category after the post is done, do I need to delete it
  12. Hello, I am working to build my library in Chief, we are manufacturer of dovetails log home (square logs). The dovetail are 1" extend of the walls. I built them as a symbol to put in the standard wall corners.I have set the origin offset to fit in 3D but in 2D, it is not flush to the wall, I have tried to play with the bounding box without success, when it look good in 2D, it is wrong in 3D. what do I make wrong? Thanks! Mathieu DOVETAIL-library.plan