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  1. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

    Thanks again. Learning every day.
  2. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

    Thank you so much Eric. Hopefully someday I can return the favor for someone else. I set the floor height to zero because I thought that would give me the same height facia as the first floor 12 pitch roofs not cathedral.
  3. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

    yes, Stepped in about 32". The rear under that should be second floor bedroom. The front should be open below to first floor master. When I do it, it shows siding on cathedral wall of second floor full wall.
  4. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

  5. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

    1st Attempt Using X10 9 MAGNOLIA WAY-CURRENT.plan
  6. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

    with the plan open when I export I guess I don't know what to do.
  7. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

    ugh thought I had.
  8. NEHomesDean

    Help with plan

    Looking for help on a plan. I'm pretty good with manual roofs but can not seam to get a plan to work. The second floor of the home should have full second floor on the left with a 12 pitch. on the left I've been trying to get a floor and a half 12 pitch on the front at the first floor level creating a cathedral master bedroom. and full dormer for bedroom on the back matching the facia of the second floor 12 pitch rear. I can get all roofs to work manually buy no matter how I try the siding is showing on the inside wall of the first floor master bedroom that should be cathedral to top of 12 pitch. Its not reverse layer. I thought I had it a few times. Doesn't look like a difficult roof but its kicking my but for days. Anyone willing to help I'd be grateful. 9 MAGNOLIA WAY-CURRENT.dwg