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  1. ScottyBAK

    Labels for stacked cabinets

    Also, I wasn't sure about how to upload an image--thanks for the pointers, MarckMc.
  2. ScottyBAK

    Labels for stacked cabinets

    Thanks MarkMc, I'll take a look at that. We currently don't use cabinet schedules in our drawings, as a separate Woodmode Order form provides that information to our installer. We might take a look at incorporating schedules though, thanks.
  3. ScottyBAK

    Labels for stacked cabinets

    Hi, I'm working on CA x10 Interiors. I have a kitchen with high ceilings and stacked cabinets, but can't figure out a good way to have all the cabinet nomenclature/labels to show in plan. If I fudge it in the plan, the elevations expose my work-around. I'd like to see both layers of labels in plan--any way around this other than manually moving each cabinet layer's label? I suppose manually moving the non-displaying label elsewhere in the plan may work...Many thanks. Scott Chief Architect question 1.pdf Chief Architect question 2.pdf
  4. ScottyBAK

    Where did my tool bar icons go?

    Thank you both for your responses--Chopsaw, thanks so much...due to your kindness in sharing, I'm back up and running; cv2702, will gladly use your advice as well.
  5. I just upgraded from Chief Architect Interiors x9, to x10. I seem to have lost the tool bar on top of the screen, where I prefer icons to words--and immediate response rather that drop down menus (i.e. to "save" or "save as" a plan on which I'm working.) Where oh where did they go...I can't find the icons anymore?