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  1. WestwoodGunit

    x9 Blank Library Content

    Alaskan_son, that did it! Thank you very much!!
  2. WestwoodGunit

    x9 Blank Library Content

    Alaskan_son - thanks for the reply. I tryed still nothing. I noticed after I got the picture uploaded I had taken it when I was seeing if the content would reappear when I hid them then unhid them. I had that picture more to show the program shows I do have library content.
  3. WestwoodGunit

    x9 Blank Library Content

    Solver - I gave that a try earlier and just tried it again to be sure. Still nothing. Any other ideas?
  4. WestwoodGunit

    x9 Blank Library Content

    I have the x9 chief architect premier. And yes that was my first thought. But same results after I restarted my computer. I even unistalled then reinstalled the program. It wasnt in the middle of a session but after start up one morning I went to find a fireplace and everything was gone. Thanks for the quick reply.
  5. WestwoodGunit

    x9 Blank Library Content

    Hi, Curious if anyone has ever had their library content go blank. Not sure if there is something i need to turn on or if i need to contact customer service. When i type in a key word, the pop up next to my courser will say i have 25 results. But the library selection panel is blank. I have tried many different things including installing core content and updating the core libraries with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks