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  1. LindaDDI

    Working on Lighting

    Hi Cheryl, Are you available to do interior design renderings on a freelance basis? Thank you, Linda M.
  2. LindaDDI

    Tile patterns misbehaving

    I can't find it anywhere, I feel like I'm going nuts! I'll start looking into other options, thank you all for your help!
  3. LindaDDI

    Tile patterns misbehaving

    Hmm I checked under Build>Walls, but it's not there. I only have floor material region available under Build>Floor... Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks for walking me through this
  4. LindaDDI

    Tile patterns misbehaving

    Thanks for this idea! I do have a wall niche in the shower, but I'll give it a shot...
  5. LindaDDI

    Tile patterns misbehaving

    Hi, thanks for your quick responses! I'm new to the forum so I forgot to mention that I'm running Interiors, not Premier, so I don't think I have the wall material regions tool available to me.
  6. LindaDDI

    Tile patterns misbehaving

    Hi all, I have a question about tile patterns and wall coverings. I have a shower wall on which I want (bottom to top) two full 12x12 tiles, then a 4" strip of a mosaic, then two more full tiles, another 4" strip, etc. I currently have the tile, which has a texture and a pattern, applied to the wall and wall coverings for the 4" mosaics. In the elevation view, the pattern of the 12x12 tiles is shown as if the wall coverings aren't there, ie directly adjacent to each other underneath the mosaic, instead of being two full tiles in between the mosaics. I've attached two photos, one of the results using the tile patterns, and what I want to achieve using patterns, but have drawn in using CAD lines as a placeholder. Of course, drawing lines directly on elevations is not a long term solution, so does anyone have any ideas? Am I missing a settings page somewhere? Thanks very much X9 user