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  1. I am attempting to place recessed light fixtures in the roof overhang (soffit), in 3d the light fixtures appear to display at a slope that matches the roof slope above, how to fix? Help much appreciated!
  2. hoethelongrow

    Floor slab at garage door

    Solver, much thank you! How about this situation (see attached) where the 4" thick conc. lips out over the brick ext. face by say an inch or two? I did this one by just overlaying a slab to conform to shape desired, is there a better way?
  3. hoethelongrow

    Floor slab at garage door

    per the attached view?
  4. hoethelongrow

    Floor slab at garage door

    In-frequent user recently upgraded from X3 to X9: Please just point me in the right direction - how do I extend the concrete floor slab of my garage through the garage door opening so that the CMU foundation wall top is not showing when the door is viewed open in 3D? is there a direct way to do this or work - around with a polyline slab? Thanks