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  1. JohnLP

    Walk out basement floor assignment

    Thank you, I was beginning to see that there was a difference from the Xnn version numbers mentioned. They must be using "Premier" ?
  2. JohnLP

    Walk out basement floor assignment

    I see, use floor 0 with annotation to distinguish, thank you for the insight. I'm slowly getting educated.
  3. JohnLP

    Walk out basement floor assignment

    Thank you to all, makes sense to me to keep the foundation separate, even though in this case, the side and back walls away from the front lower level windows end up being an extension of the stem walls (ie cement block).
  4. For a walk out basement design should the room design for the basement floor (the floor that has daylight windows) be on floor 0 with the foundation definitions, or on floor 1 and then also have a floor 2 as the main living floor (this is a 2 level home)? using Pro 2018 Build John