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    Joist stay I beams if I select lumber

    Thanks some how making this post and restarting fixed my problem.
  2. I'm probably missing something very obvious. I'm trying to work on a joist layout and it seems that no matter what I select the joists are always I beams in the model. I tried searching for the answer but I haven't found it yet. Thanks.
  3. chiefnumber1

    Exlude slab under carport

    Thanks I'm new at this and completely missed that option
  4. chiefnumber1

    Exlude slab under carport

    I'm working on a design now with a covered carport that will be next to the house but will be packed gravel instead of a slab. Is there a way to exclude this area will doing the automatic foundation building or a better way to build the foundation in general. The house foundation will be a monoslab.