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  1. CA X12 Can't change the deck plank overhang. I have it set to 1-1/2". and it doesn't update from the factory default of 1/2" The planking is generated in the Room> Structure> Floor> Planks, Joists> Edit dialog Not in the floor finish section. (Been there, done that) I changed it in the room type defaults as well as the room specifications. I also have the auto framing turned off in both.
  2. The lengths of framing members in schedules, i.e. rafters, joists, etc appear to be expressed in fractional inches by default. Can that be changed to be expressed in feet and fractional inches.
  3. When I open a plan in X12 that was created in an earlier version of CA, the layer "ceiling break lines" does not appear. I believe that layer was not available in versions prior to X12. Which was always an annoyance to me because they couldn't be turned off. I assumed that all the functionality of the latest version would be available in the plan once it was saved in that version? Am I wrong on that? The other thing that i've noticed is that "new" Room Labels that are in the drop down list as supplied with X12 also do not appear in plan saved in X12 that was created in an earlier version?
  4. I have the same prop with pdfs and pngs. The pdf files have a tendency to partially disappear when zooming in on them. The problem I'm currently experiencing started after I upgraded to X-9. Its unrelated to the picture file issue, I believe. Im probably gonna call support today. p.s. My PC system is well above the min. requirements as well as the recomended ones.
  5. Yes, that takes me to the correct view that I selected but still the huge lag time. I'm talking several minutes. As a side note, I often prefer to use the taskbar "window" menu when switching views particularly when I have several windows open because the tags shorten to the point where they are unidentifiable. Ed Cadd Creations
  6. I recently upgraded to X-9. I'm experiencing (Trump-worthy) HUUUUUUGE lag times when switching from one view window to another. When attempting to switch views by using the drop-down menu under "window" in the main taskbar, in addition to the HUUUUUGE lag time, my aggravation level is further tested by taking me to a view I did not select!! Anyone else having the same problem? ED Cadd Creations