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    Building a pool

    Great trick, Tommy!
  2. NewBee117

    Building a pool

    Hi, cv2702, thanks for the hint, I fixed the blue line hanging in the air problem! Hi, Renerabbitt, I can't save the file because I am using the trial version. Sorry.
  3. NewBee117

    Building a pool

    I tried to build a pool, and it looks strange. lol. Anyone can tell me how to make the blue line go flat on the ground? How to fix one of the wall that see through? Thank you!
  4. NewBee117

    Only half of the roof built

    Thank for the hint, I looked through the walls where there is no roof, turned out that one corner of the two walls did not connect properly. Once I fixed that I got all my roof! Cool program!
  5. NewBee117

    Only half of the roof built

    Build roof is ignoring part of my house, what am I missing or where should I look to fix the problem? Picture attached. Thanks in advanced for any input!