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  1. Hello, I currently utilize X10 and I am relatively please with it. I am currently employed as Architect/Project Manager whose role is to produce architectural plans for Single Family Government Funded Affordable Housing. I'm posting because I just got the go-ahead from our HR Department that I can begin the process of upgrading my current workstation (an i5 that is too slow to even mention the specs). This was as a result of me recently producing a rendering for our Advertising Department; and since then have been requesting them in addition to the floor plans. I started my search looking for 'Gaming/3d rendering' workstations. A company I found online (Titan Computers) seemed to check all the boxes, as to what I would need. I have enclosed a screen shot of the specs. My question is two-fold: Does anyone have experience with Titan, and are they a reputable company? And given the specs enclosed, would those specs produce pretty quick renders ( I currently live my i5 rendering over night to get even decent clarity)? Thanks Blake
  2. I am a current CA User and have been since X3 since 2008. I live and work using Chief X7 in Bermuda. Here we have a unique style of construction and vernacular that much of CA 3d symbols do not offer. As such, I find that much of my detailing is done via CAD blocks etc. So, I'm reaching out to ascertain if there is anyone on island currently using Chief that wouldn't mind exchanging, sharing experiences generating their own 3d blocks specific to Bermuda Architecture? Blake
  3. ........I was not too concerned about the design program, it was more about the final product. Living on an Island where pretty much everyone either knows you or knows of you............a good or bad design can make or break you............As it stands, I think I've stayed true to myself, whilst still providing her with a service. I guess the lesson for me is even after 5 years of design studio and a B. ARCH no lecture or professor could have warned me about this. And I guess the lesson for you all is that even in Paradise design can be stressfull! (see attachment - view of the triangle )
  4. Hello Folks! Thanks so very much for the advice! I just had a meeting with the client where at the beginning I asked her if I could talk to her as if she was my wife ..............she agreed! After running through the design 'faux pas' with her again and explaining to her possible revisions she politely declined. I then expressed how the existing concepts where not something that I felt comfortable with, detailing that there have been many designs that I did not like personally but they ultimately made decent use of form and function. I then proceeded to propose to her that I continue with the design as she wanted but the Planning, Building, and Tender Documents will be submitted by her without my Logo attached. Further, when discussing her project during and after construction she will reference herself as the designer and me as the draughtsman (and I will advise on structural matters). I told her that I would adjust my invoicing accordingly and we both left happy!!
  5. I need some advice. My question is not related to Chief Architect Software at all but I am a user of CA since 2007. I recently started working with a client that has me really scratching my their proposed remodel she is adamant about such things that as a professional I would never do! Such things as locating a Powder room directly (and I mean directly) off of the dining/living room! I've tried to explain to her that there arises privacy and ventilation issues............even with a mech. vent guest WILL hear and smell the occupant. But she does not want to hear it! Further she is also 'hell bent' on having the kitchen directly off of the living room where there is no exterior wall to locate a window for ventilation. Again, I've tried to explain to her that the noise of a 600 cfm vent in the living room is unpleasant...........again, she won't budge! There are at least 2 other issues that I care not to mention but I don't know what to do! I live in a small community and I am so afraid of someone visiting her refurbished dwelling and asking.............."who did your design?" She mentioning me, and from then onI'm referred to as doing awful designs! Is this a case of the client is always right or should I try finding some way of getting out of the contract without telling her that her design is something I don't want my name associated with? Thanks
  6. duh..............I should've known that!! I must've experienced a brain freeze. Many thanks!
  7. Hello, I would like to re-size the dimensions of a the 3 windows within the bay window, but in the specification dialog it doesn't allow me to do this. How can I re-size the windows? I'm running X6. Thanks in advance. Blake
  8. Hello & Help Please, I have just successfully imported a symbol from Google's Sketch Up 3D Warehouse whereby I wish to incorporate into one of my CA drawings (pottery barn sofa set). The sofa set was imported with the love seat, sofa and chair placed in a row. I thought that upon importing this symbol I would be able to 'explode' it whereby I would be able to position the sofa set as I wished in my proposed living room, as I'm able to do with all the CA library items. Can anyone assist me in successfully 'exploding' this 3D symbol. By the way, I am able to change colors etc via the materials specification dialog. Blake
  9. Many Thanks Joseph! The drawing got so busy I guess I didn't realize I had 2 schedules going. I've deleted one and all is okay. Many thanks again!! Blake
  10. Good Day, While drafting in X6, I've noticed that all my door and window labels are showing up twice (see attached). I've looked into my default settings and still cannot figure out why two are appearing. I must note that I started the plan using X5 and completed it in X6; does this make a difference???? Need some help as to how I can display only 1 label. Thanks in advance. Blake