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  1. Steve, Thank you. As usual, this forum has saved me hours of searching and frustration!!!
  2. Hello, I am using a sill profile from the standard catalogue. The sill leaves a bit of external wall showing, is there something obviously wrong? 20221110 - Asbuilt Dalton Plan.plan
  3. Can anyone help regarding the issue I'm facing when trying to draw an existing loft conversion. The exterior walls don't stop at the roof. I have created a 3rd floor but kept the roof at the floor below. I tried the same but lowering the roof after adding the floor but the same thing happens. Eventually it will have ashlar walls front and rear (knee walls I think you call them across the pond...). Pic 1 shows before, Pic 2 shows after. You can see the issue. Plan attached if it helps. Thanks in advance. Pic2.pdf Pic 1.pdf 20220420 - Taylor Existing.plan
  4. Can anyone tell me how to cut the top corner off a door? I have a door in an attic that needs to follow the ceiling line but I can't see how to do it in chief.
  5. Could someone assist please. I cant find whats wrong but the wall and roof intersection has a gap i can not get rid of. I attach images and the plan. I also cant find where to change my signature... This is X12 on a Mac OS 11.0.1 20201207 - Holder Proposed Drawings Option 3.plan
  6. You sir are a genius. Thankyou sooooooo much. Really helpful.
  7. I have a brick dwelling that i am adding an extension to. Can anyone tell me how to change the section of wall that is now internal to show a plasterboard finish. Picture attached. You can clearly see the brick from the external wall. I want this to be plasterboard as the internal walls. I have attached the plan file for you to play with. I use Chief architect x11 on a mac running catalina 20200923 - New Planning Drawings with ext.plan
  8. Can someone tell me how to get this effect without curving the window glazing as well?
  9. Thanks all, I used the polyline solid and managed to create exactly what I wanted. Brilliant pointers from you all. Thanks again.
  10. All I actually need is a piece of glass mounted on the wall with stand-off brackets. The problem I have is that i have no idea where to begin. I have attached a screenshot.
  11. Could someone explain how to create a glass panel juliet outside a pair of doors as in this picture please.
  12. I have a roof built and need to copy the parameters to create another roof. Is there a quick way to pick up the settings and create an identical roof over another section of the house?
  13. I am having a spot of bother with adding an extension to a building. Can anyone advise me how to simply complete these little issues. 1. Change the surface of a wall that was now inside 2. get the wall to appear between the flat roof and the roof above Dalton Proposed R3.planDalton Proposed R3.planDalton Proposed R3.plan Dalton_Proposed_R3.plan