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    Phase one and phase 2 buildings

    I'm starting a project that has 2 phases. The first phase (4 storey building) finished floor elevation will be built 4'0" (1.2m) below the 2nd phase (4 storey building) finished ground floor elevation. These 2 building phases will be linked by a common stairwell vest. Question: In CA If I build my phase one ground floor on "floor one" will I encounter any issues (i.e. building foundations) later on when I introduce the phase 2 building that is 4'0" (1.2m) higher than the first? Thanks! nick.m
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    Phase one and phase 2 buildings

    HI JiAngelo, Thank you very much for your input. You definitely know your stuff. I'll read over this carefully and let you know how it goes. Thanks again & take care nickMartino
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