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  1. CDCDLLC_2014

    Drafting/Rendering Services

    Hello, My name is Brent Freeman, I live in Phoenix AZ and would love to do your drafting! Have job-site experience, start to finish, 40 years-combined family experience. Whatever the project, I can help! I can provide structural or civil engineering if required. Complete sets of plans for residential or small commercial projects ready to submit to the city! 3D and Landscape renderings for HOA's! Obtaining sub-contractor proposals, creating cost breakdowns and material estimates for your project. If in the state of Arizona I can also provide contracting! Have worked with several municipalities to get approved permits. Email Me at: Call or text me at: 623-432-6312 For More Info!
  2. CDCDLLC_2014

    Two Completely Separate Rooms One?

    I have this commercial building that is two separate shops but for some reason they are one?I have attached an image of what i am talking about. The walls on the inside of the metal building portion are pushed all the way against it, if i move them any closer they become metal wall. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time!