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  1. robdyck Thank you, I don't know why I didn't think of using layers. It is a perfect solution. I got stuck going in one direction & should have thought of options.
  2. Thanks Chopsaw, I may be over thinking this, but was trying to keep everything connected so I could change it to a terrain perimeter. Jack
  3. Can I turn off the angles & dimensions of 1 side of a terrain perimeter? The lot is on a lake & the survey on the lake side is to cluttered if I show the angles & dimensions. I tried putting the lake side on a different Layer but couldn't get it to close. At the worst case I can show the angles & dimensions with text but it seems that there should be an easier way Thanks for any Ideas Jack
  4. Thanks Eric & Robert Did shelving search & I found Steve Nestor solution very interesting, I had Made a bunch of symbols for "california type closets" quite a while ago, they are adjustable in all directions, but I should have done a bit better job with the intersections. It's a pretty common Pantry type cabinet & I thought Chief might have added to their menu. But there is always the "Work Around" Evidently My profile must have disappeared, Started using Chief at V6 - Not X6 1997 or 8, Still love it. Best Jack
  5. Has Anyone figured out how to use the cabinet tools to draw a L shaped set of shelves such as in the attached pic.? The best I could do was to make a symbol, which is ok but not great. Thanks for any help Jack
  6. Thanks java Tom & Drawzilla The window even has a #. It's a 2wide dh it shouldn't be that hard to find!
  7. I've deleted the schedule & Rebuilt it, I saved the plan with a new name, closed Chief & re opened turned all the layers on to try and find it- no luck anyone have any ideas thanks Jack