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    attic 2

    From the album: Attic

    work in progress
  2. ericdelakwame

    attic 3d

    From the album: Attic

    3d before commencement of project
  3. ericdelakwame

    attic 2 study

    From the album: Attic

    The second planned attic in a 5 bed house
  4. ericdelakwame


    From the album: 3 Bed house

    3 bed house
  5. ericdelakwame


    thanks StudioD . I would say this is after 4 weeks of practicing what i saw in video tutorials and from this forum. Basics are pretty straight forward . just need loads of practice . The program is the best. you'll love it.
  6. ericdelakwame


    thanks. very encouraged by the remark. I live in Ghana and i have learned a lot from this forum.
  7. ericdelakwame


    new to chief and cant stop. My first go at a bath.
  8. ericdelakwame


    From the album: bath

    My first try at a bath . used an old lenovo laptop. hope to improve with practice and a better system.