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  1. The basic IMac pro comes with 32gb memory and 8 cores. Do you all think that going up to 10 cores would make it faster at rendering?
  2. Scott was it the basic iMac pro machine that you tested?
  3. Hey Scott, how does the iMac compare to a regular windows based pc ?? Is it faster for rendering? Any problems?
  4. Hello fellow chiefers. Getting ready to upgrade my system and was wondering if anyone uses chief on an Apple iMac pro computer? Chris
  5. Chris50

    iMac Pro

    Thinking about upgrading to an iMac pro. Does anyone use chief on an iMac pro? And does it run really great and render fast? Any problems? thanks Chris
  6. Hello. Does anyone have or can anyone make some basketball symbols for me like basketball goal with glass backboard and net and bleachers Chris Brown
  7. Hello and happy holidays everyone. I have to design a gymnasium and I need the following symbols.My client really wants the 3d pics to advertise his new project. basketball goal glass backboard with net metal bleachers I would be willing to pay someone to make these symbols for me. Thanks, Chris
  8. Still can't get it right. I would just like to generate a materials list for roofing and have it say how many square of shingles it will take and on another line on the same report, how much roof surface area there is. Roof Report 1. Shingles 46.49 square 2. Roof Area 4,649 square feet Do you think this is possible
  9. Hey Glenn, How do I get rid of those other roofing items like soffit, gutters, etc.
  10. Gosh, thanks Glenn. I will try that out looks what I am looking for.
  11. Thanks everyone. I just want to be able to see how many square of shingles my roof will take and how much roof decking my roof will take, both 4 x 8 sheets and 1 x 12 rough sawn pine or cedar. I want to see the total for the entire roof and individual roof planes for remodel or expansion jobs.
  12. Thanks Perry, Maybe Joe would share that here. There are only parts of the material list thats worth anything to me and roof material is one.
  13. Thank you so much Robert. Do you know if there is a way to just make that 4649 count just say 47 squares ???
  14. Happy holidays everyone. Can anyone tell me how to calculate how many square of regular architectural shingles from the materials list. When I do a material list it says that I need 4649 for the count. I use version X8. Thanks Chris
  15. Hello, How do I turn my stair railing to cable railing to match my other railings????? I am using x7
  16. Thank you so much, this was driving me crazy, so simple. thanks a million rlackore
  17. There is no second floor. It is just not showing the floor between the foundation and the main level.
  18. Here it is, I hope. Missing Floor Plan.plan
  19. It is the main level floor. The tornado would have to have taken the floor and left the house. I have seen lots of tornados here but not that one yet.
  20. Have not done this forever. How do I upload the file.
  21. No, I am using a prospective full overview camera that I have used thousands of times.
  22. What in the world would cause the floor to be missing in 3d??? I am using x7
  23. Sorry iM so late getting back to this and thanks for the replies. That sky is what I like for a backround so will I just have to live with blue windows?? I did not have that problem with x3 which is what i upgraded from and I know things have changed. What should I do??
  24. Hello, Can anyone tell me why my windows are blue when I do a raytrace ?? I am using X7. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. Chris50


    Hello everyone, I just upgraded from x3 to x7 and need to ask about custom toolbars. How do I get the toilet symbol, shower symbol, washer and dryer symbols, etc. on my toolbar like I used to have?? I went to customize toolbars but cant find the parent button for these items. Any help would be appreciated. Chris