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  1. JSM_AmericasBath

    Glass issues raytrace

    Ok, Here is the results on fixing the problem that I was having. This was spotted after Renerabbitt mentioned to look at the smoothing angle. I looked at that and changed it with no results, but in the process, I noticed something odd in my blocks in the Library. See pictures. So the left image "Original" has an object in the group that is the left glass pane. This just jogs a little because it is shaped to wrap around a seat extending out past the glass. It appears (even though it is a flat planed 6 sided rectangle) that Chief Architect is reading it with more facets on a flat glass causing a fisheye lens effect. I modified the original block so that it's just a rectangle with no breaks in the plane "Fixed". Again, these blocks were created in SketchUp, so I guess you just need to watch out what Chief Architect wants to do with the blocks once you import them. There are probably settings I can now manage to eliminate the gray'ed out section in the bottom right, but at least my big problem is resolved. I hope this troubleshooting can help you out in the future and I am really glad that you both were extremely helpful with your suggestions.
  2. JSM_AmericasBath

    Glass issues raytrace

    I am operating Cheif Architect 2018 on a Mac. The second upload of the shower without the glass wrapping around the seat didn't have such a pronounced issue but looks like it might still be there. SunCity_FullWallPlan.plan
  3. JSM_AmericasBath

    Glass issues raytrace

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to look at these settings in the model. The glass and track are from a block model built in SketchUp, then imported in Chief Architect. I then assigned the basic materials, and after that, I did not modify any other settings. The glass material is just "Glass Standard". Plus what bothers me is that I generated 3 models total using SketchUp blocks with the same process. The first model (attached) renders fine and looks like there might be a problem at the bottom of the glass, but it's so little that I can't tell if it's a basic refraction or not. The other two models are blatantly noticeable that there is an issue and perhaps in the settings. I'll look at these settings and let you two know if there is any correction.
  4. JSM_AmericasBath

    Glass issues raytrace

    I'm fairly new and self-taught with Chief Architect and just recently started experimenting with the raytrace feature to produce a couple of more realistic visuals. For some reason I am getting a weird convex bubble in my shower glass in a couple of models. Not all of them, just a few. I don't know if there is a particular setting I should locate and adjust, but I definitely don't understand why the glass is starting to "fish-eye". Any help or suggestions?