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  1. Thank you so much, Joe! You a life-saver
  2. Hi, I tried searching the forum (and google) but didn't find anyone asking similar questions. I like to recycle layout file (.layout) to use with different plans (.plan). My typical scenario is like this: For revision I made changes in the .plan and save with a new file name (i.e. Project_R01.plan), and nothing else needs to change in the .layout. So I copy the .layout file and rename it to match (i.e. Project_R01.layout). I then open the .layout but it still loads up the .plan from before the revision (i.e. Project_R00.plan). The workaround I've been using so far is to delete the original .plan (i.e. Project_R00.plan) from my harddrive, and then when opening the new .layout the program will complain that the .plan file is missing and let me choose a new path. This is all fine and dandy but sometimes I forgot to recover the original .plan from the recycle bin and lost some valuable drafts. There's got to be a better way to reassign .plan file path from within the layout file??? Thanks,