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  1. TonyW123

    Custom Tile Pattern

    Thanks, rlackore! Your'e da MAN! . I managed to update the wall component in order to see how it looks in model elevations and views. Thanks again!
  2. TonyW123

    Custom Tile Pattern

    @ Chopsaw -- I'll take a look at that. Thanks. And here's an image:
  3. TonyW123

    Custom Tile Pattern

    I have been searching for a simple 2D tile pattern that I'm unable to find anywhere on the Web (CA, 3rd party, manufacturer); although do have an inquiry with a national tile manufacturer to see if they have the desired pattern file which could be inserted into their manufacturer's Library. The tile pattern is as follows: 6"h/6"h/4"h, staggered/offset bond, lengths of tile/brick could be 12"-14"L. I'd be happy with just the horizontal joints, as verticals would be a bonus. Assistance is appreciated. Tony