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  1. I am working on a bonus room addition. I have created a blank 2nd floor. I have changed previous attic walls and unchecked them accordingly. ( i have tried deleting this wall and adding as a new exterior wall and a few other things but it always shows the window as filled in with siding).  When I place a window in the Gable end of the right end of the house the window outline shows but does not cut the wall to show the full window.  I was able to create a new shed gable on the front and had not issues when windows placed there.

    Any ideas? I have attached a couple of snip it shots and the plan.

    Lance Stanley

    using X12




    floor plan view.JPG

  2. I downloaded the latest update to X9 yesterday 2 days ago.  Program ran fine yesterday.  My computer restarted due to an apple update and now Chief will not open.  attached is the error that i get.  I tried to call support but they are not open on the weekends.  Has anyone else experienced this issue.   I am trying to avoid uninstall and reinstall of Chief if possible.   Thanks for any input or suggestion.  I have tried uninstalling update to windows but that had no affect.






  3. This is being generated and not sure how to correct.  I believe this is generated from the hole in the roof or the hole in the roof, but I am not sure how clean it up.  (roof planes are on the attic floor "A").
    The plan was originally started in version X7 but is currently in X8 which is probably part of my problem.  I don't think this was showing when in version X7 and started showing up when I opened in version X8.
    any suggestion?
    thanks in advance for any help.
    version X8


  4. I used the material eye dropper to change material and used the material plan mode to change some objects.  It also changed my ceiling material.  Is there a way to change this back?   Its too late to use the Undo feature?





    Using X6


  5. using the soffit tool to create a trey ceiling, however on the floor plan it does not seem to show a "clean connection".  I have used this in previous versions that seemed to create a cleaner connection and did not show each soffit generated.


    Is there a setting that can be changed to not show the lines between 2 soffits?


    Any suggestions?


    Using X6

    windows 8.1 (BOO)

    xps8700 I7