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  1. Hello! I frequently download .skp files from 3D Warehouse and they work fine. They have multiple materials which can be adjusted separately (colour, texture, etc.). However, most 3D models that I download from manufacturers' website have only 1 material in Chief, e.g. a sofa with a pillow on it, the pillow's material cannot be adjusted independently. The issue occurs with almost anything that is not .skp: 3DS, DWG, etc. However, when these models are opened in their native environment (3DS in 3D Studio), they have of course different materials. The strange thing is that sometimes 3DS and DWG formats work fine and they have different materials, which makes me think it must be some kind of a settings issue within these 3D files. Has anyone found out the issue behind this? Attached the .obj and .3DS formats of the same model downloaded from the manufacturer's website. The .obj format has 1 material, the 3DS format has 2 materials (strange as usually 3DS doesn't work). ta_11bt_hp.obj ta_11bt_hp.3ds
  2. D11-Design

    Ray Trace - Glowing edges

    Gentlemen, look at this: I have figured out the solution. I need to build a roof when a new plan is started. When I added the roof in the existing, furnished plan it was not visible in the camera views and therefore, it was not ray traced. I had to start a new plan, draw the walls again and copy all the furnishing. When I copied the camera from the original plan, the roof was still not visible! However, when I placed a new camera in the new plan, the roof was there and the ray trace is finally OK... Thanks for all your help!
  3. D11-Design

    Ray Trace - Glowing edges

    Please note I always do my ray traces with photon mapping turned ON as it looks much more realistic to me. I am now starting to believe the issue could be fixed by upgrading to Premier (which ray traces outside objects, such as the roof as well). So the roof would put shadows in the way of sunlight, not like now when the roof is not visible which I think means the roof is not there when ray tracing. Alternatively, I am curious about the upcoming X10 (because this light bleeding is clearly a rendering bug in X9, let's hope it will be sorted out in X10). Someone mentioned a new function called physical rendering. Do you know anything about that? Or when X10 will be out?
  4. D11-Design

    Ray Trace - Glowing edges

    Do you have Premier? I have Interiors, I believe that can be the issue. Whatever I place outside the room (house) it is not visible through the window. However, in the plan from the Let's ray trace thread I can place objects outside and they are visible (perhaps that plan was made with Premier?). So because the roof in my plan is not visible inside, it means it is not taken into consideration during Ray Tracing? Or any other idea?
  5. D11-Design

    Ray Trace - Glowing edges

    Hi rispgiu, Could you please put the modified plan here. I have added the roof but it does not show in the camera view inside the room (outside the roof is visible). Could that be a problem? I have tried the plan in the Let's ray trace thread and it worked. When I removed the roof, there was light bleed, when I added the roof, it was gone (!). The only difference I noticed is that the edge of the roof is visible inside. So I am still not able to fix the issue in my plan.
  6. D11-Design

    Ray Trace - Glowing edges

    Hi rispgiu, Please find attached the plan. Have tried to build roof/foundation but it didn't help. But you can try, I might have done something wrong. Your help is much appreciated! Gabor Csoport_2B.plan.zip
  7. D11-Design

    Ray Trace - Glowing edges

    Dear All, This is a 50 pass render with only sunlight turned on. Ambient occlusion: min. 0.1 max. 2.0. My problem is obvious: the glowing edges at the northern part of the image. Have tried adding a foundation + roof, no success. Any ideas? Will try to solve the issue with Affinity Photo, but it would be much more efficient if raw ray traces looked OK. I have seen ray trace images with sunlight with no glowing edges so there must be some solution (the issue only occurs when sunlight is on). The side of the hood also doesn't look quite client-friendly. Someone suggested adding spot lights, is that the only way to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Gabor
  8. D11-Design

    Help with 3D import

    Hi! I have a problem importing the attached 3D model of the Bohemian chaise lounge from Moroso. When it is displayed in the library browser, the parts of the chaise lounge are mixed, e.g. the foot is on the top of the chair. Do you have any ideas why this occurs? Is there a way to fix the file? Perhaps with a 3rd party CAD software? Is SU capable of such tasks? Can you recommend a software in which I can edit the 3D models themselves? Many thanks, Gabor BH0036.3DS