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  1. Hi Solver, Thank for your signature setting guidline. Yes, texture toggled was turned off. How silly of me!!! Thank you again ^^
  2. Hello, I'm using Chief Architect Premier X9 ( Version I cannot see any texture in my standard camera views and overviews. I tried to in-install and re-install the software but it didn't work. How can I solve this problem? Thank you,
  3. Hello, I want to import 3ds Max model to Chief with Texture, I try many times with different file fomats ( obj, 3ds...) but it didn't work. Is there any way that I couldimport 3ds Max model to Chief with Texture? I attach 3ds Max model. Please check it. Thank you!
  4. Thank you so much limitless8 !
  5. Actually, our company have 2 teams as well, modeling and drafting. That's why I want to get 2 PC system type which is suitable to each task.
  6. Hello, I intend to buy 2 new computers. One for modeling large area and complicate objects (such as a 1-2ha residence, classic building...), One for simple modeling and layout (drafting task). Everyone can advice me some computer system that suitable with my demand, and include price is the best. I could effort $1000-$1500 for modeling computer and ~$500 for drafting computer. Thank you so much !!!
  7. Hello Everybody! I'm searching a concrete structure analysis & Design Software which can transfer to Chief. I build structure (beam, floor, post, stair, roof...) in Chief (beam, post in general size), then I could export the tructure to import to that software. After structure software's analysing & design, I could import back to Chief. If structure software as a plugin is absolutely the best. Anyone can give me an advice? Or which concrete Struture Software I should use? Thank you!
  8. Hello, I have just used Spriral Ducting in Bonus Catalogue to show my HVAC into 3D. And result is so amazing!!! I don't worry about ceiling height will change my interior anymore because I could know exactly how my basement ceiling looks like when finish and design interior base on that correctly. And this is my result.
  9. NewAsia


    The detached house is located at 2424 Willowburne, Mississauga, Ontario, including a basement, main floor and second floor. The big idea from Canadisign Home Solutions is how to bring the most natural lighting into the basement. Therefore, the home owner would be easily attract the tenant and so that, this will be an extra income. With it’s idea, Canadisign Home Solutions solutions the project is complied with Fire code Class A and Ontario Building Code for bedrooms at basement, too. The solution from CHS is to create a separate entrance directly to the basement. It will let the tenant enter his suite easily. The big challenge is how to bring the most natural light into the basement. And a part of the basement to be built as a dry garden under wide window system. Natural lighting will now go directly into two bedrooms at basement. The basement is full of natural light and the tenant is just one step over to enjoy the sunlight in a new day without any concern of a basement. And this is CHS's full Renovation Project...