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  1. I really thank you for all your help, I will ask on the Q&A. I honestly didn't think I was in the wrong forum but it has been noted and renoted that I was. Thank you for those who shared a helpful tip I honestly think you gave me the answer.
  2. Ok, thanks to another tip on another post, I was able to create a sheetrock wall on the stairs below, just need with the railing on the main floor. Thank you!
  3. When I delete the railing wrap my stairs disappear
  4. I have a set of stairs going to basement, I have them open but there are my 2 problems I am sure they are easy fixes but I can't see to figure it out. First of all, I need to figure out how to eliminate the railing wrap on the main floor, see picture. Also I would like to do some custom stair built ins below the stairs, but I need the rails to be sheet rock, any helpful hints? Thank you!
  5. CutAbove

    Same stair foot print for both floors

    Thank you for you help, I am using X9 premier McDonald family home.plan
  6. CutAbove

    Same stair foot print for both floors

    I am trying to not take up anymore room for my stairs, maybe I just can't make it work? I also see that it doesn't reflect on the 2nd story plan view but my camera view shows that it is there. Thank you, I am a semi newbie but honestly I researched this and it has me baffled. I know you can do this, need to make it work.
  7. CutAbove

    Same stair foot print for both floors

    when I did that I opened up the floor and then it disappeared upstairs, so I only want the one side to open, so that is maybe where I need the help at please
  8. Ok, I am doing a home with a second story along with a basement, I want to use the same foot print on the stairs, meaning I would like to run my basement stairs directly under my main floor stairs to upstairs, help, I have tried everything and I seem to either not have them anymore or having stairs to heaven. I want to keep the open concept on the main floor while not creating another opening to get to the basement, my head says it should work but it doesn't. Help need ideas.