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    Seeking Chief Training

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    Seeking Chief Training

    David, i might be be interested in some online tutoring. I use Home Design Pro mainly as a hobby. I’m trying to model my home and have hit a few snags. Is there a way we could communicate concerning tutoring? Do you have a phone # or an email address I could use? Thanks, Tom Sheffield
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    porch support

    Using HomeDesigner Pro 2018. Thanks.
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    porch support

    Thanks, I'll check on Home Talk. I'm using HomeDesigner Pro 2018.
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    porch support

    Can anyone suggest how to place brick supports under a raised front porch? I am using HomeDesigner Pro. I have the porch attached with the roof covering the porch (gullwing roof), but I haven't been able to figure out how to add the square brick supports. The supports match the old brick on the house and slope down from left to right (the terrain slopes in this direction when facing the house, so that the supports are of different lengths). Thanks,