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  1. Yeah.... was trying to avoid that. Thought about creating it in Sketchup but that just seems a bit .... shall we say.... treasonous, if you know what I mean!! LOLLOL
  2. Good Afternoon Users! I ran into something interesting recently. I needed to create a concealed, angled, and twisting steel plate detail in 3D for a unique life size art project. Z-Axis: One tongue was angled at 3 degrees approaching the joint between facets/ The opposing tongue is angled at 18 degrees. X-Axis: these two tongues meet at 166 degrees from 0. Y-Axis: is perp to the 3 degrees of the Z-Axis Plates. Needless to say, my best description of the prescribed dual gusset plate. I see the geometry in my mind but there seems to be no quick way to create said object. Yikes! :-) An object that can rotate, add/subt handles, re-shape any edge, in ANY view.... Maybe 10X will have what I'm suggesting? An "Omni-Polyline Solid".... See Attachment Comments are welcome. Thanks!! Enjoy your Day!! doc00542820180301124456.pdf
  3. Hello Everyone!! Update on the "Curve" Issue I had..... Program Engineering.... YOU DID IT!!!!! X9 thank you thank you thank you!!! The "Fog of Fill" Beyond the curved lines is gone!!! The Curve is NOW a Curve.... not multi-facetted!! Thank YOU So Much!! Thank you all for your help & suggestions
  4. Good Afternoon All! Hope Thursday treats everyone well!! I've read a lot of "tricks" used by other users concerning the Wall Texture/Siding Type/Custom Pattern called "Board & Batten" which is a prevalent siding type used to clad today's structures. The issue I have is I want to create a Parametric, stretchable, expandable siding type like that of, say, "Siding-6", without having to manually create the siding type itself. (see inclusive PDF) How would this be accomplished.... step-by-step.... and not look stretched out, and show up in Ortho, Full Color Camera, and other views with the current depth depicted in my PDF? Client's are more sophisticated concerning our computer models, and thus, want (and pay for) the detail they rightly deserve. Thank you all for your input in advance!!! Great Day Everyone~!! 2 x 6 Board & Batten Detail.pdf
  5. Glennw - I have posted the plan.... see what you think it could be? IDK.... open to any & all suggestions & thanks for your time!!
  6. Here is the current drawing file I have for the client.... what can you make of the issue? Please do let me know your results!! Have a great Day & thank you all for your input - much appreciated!! Shelburg Construction Will Semolke Proposed #2.plan
  7. Thanks! I thought of that too..... but I had a tech look at it and nothing is and I had the startup optimized... its a real interesting problem??
  8. Good questions!!! File Size: 11.217Mb PDF's in plan: No 3d Warehouse Imports: No. I only import when absolutely needed!! :0) Surface Count: If you're talking about polygon solids, created or otherwise.... umm.... no, not this plan. Its a box over a box with 2-Story Porches
  9. I'm in a little bit of a Tim-crunch so A minute amount of impatiens may translate into this post so my apologies in advance and welcome your suggestions to solve this issue..... ....but is anyone else having these types of issues? ( see video of me moving a detail in the 2-D environment with no other windows open, layouts, details, etc) I window select a group of lines, objects and level-licked grouped objects, in fact, the entire detail, and needed to drag it over just 4 inches and my computer hangs in thinking mode for "54 seconds"?? Why..... Why would this happen??? Is there a program preset I'm missing, a setup not checked, or something not enabled, even a mouse setting either in-program or via windows system setups?? Do I need to start a new "STARTER PLAN" file? Do drawing files keep getting larger even when you delete from your drawing files, particularly my starter plan?? Computer specs: i7 Gen3 intel 4-Core 2.4Gb Invidia GPU DDR-5 20Gb Corsair DDR-3 .5Tb SSD Win7 Pro CA X4 (yes I know I'm behind a bit on versions) Any and all help or suggestions are welcome.... I am wanting to be humble and not mad at my machine or program... I just need to somehow find a solution to my production bottleneck. Thank you ever so much for your help in advance!! IMG_0739.MOV
  10. Good Afternoon Everyone, I'm being asked, more often now, to design curved roofs, Quonsets and corresponding curved transoms installed just below curved glulams beams.... its been a lot of fun!! A Few jobs I've checked on screen and seem to be fine but when I send documents to print... the curves start to become faceted, polygonal in nature. I'm including a PDF of various curved CAD items, created an arched poly solid and then included a window I'm using in one of my projects. Is there way to adjust any or all curved objects to "smooth" the curves to depict AS curves and not polygonal or as fractured shorter/longer horizontal vectors/line? Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated!! TEST - Various Curved Objects.pdf