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    I created a curtain wall and placed it on the second floor and stretched it down to the first floor in 3d view.

    Now, switching to the first floor plan it wasn't displayed

    any idea on how to make windows show on another level after been stretched between floors?


    Attached is the file.


  2. Hi,

    I experience this issue where i have a curtain wall passing through from first floor to the second and in the process opens up the ceiling on the first floor.


    I would be glad to have a solution to this issue.

    Attached is a picture for further clarification


  3. Hi, Please can anyone help with the best way to achieve a structural grid marks in a construction document.

    Am quite new to chief Architect and reaaly quite impressed with the app.


    Attached is a sample of what am looking for.


    Thank you.

    structural grid.PNG