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  1. Thank-you this is what I was looking for, I was getting there and just needed a little push - thank-you again.
  2. Hi there! I am working on a plan (which is attached) for a garage that is 24' wide by 36' long and can not be taller than 18' and trying to get a "bonus room" made out of the trusses vs. making a true 2nd floor. I would like the main floor to have 9' walls so I can have a garage door that is 8' tall vs the standard 7'. I've watched multiple videos on how to create the space above the garage but cant seem to get it just right. The roof pitch I want is either 5:12 or 8:12 NOT 12:12 I have found the 12:12 is too tall and gets the builder up wards of 20+ feet, which I can not build taller than 18' for a detached garage. Exterior walls are 2x6. I got to a point where I did do the 12:12 pitch and made the truss for there but added the 2nd story and having the roof ignore the 2nd floor then placing two walls from front to back to create attic spaces, but when I try a different pitch then it goes away and cant get a truss to work right. I need to show truss specs for this as well. The "bonus room" can be from 7-8' in height for head room and is mainly for storage and a light duty use like a hobby room of some sorts. Also when I build an foundation it shows the doors below the walls, why does it do that? The garage is going to be on a 4" thicken slab and the foundation footing is going to be 6"x12". Any tips/help would be appreciated. I am using CA X10. Garage with bonus room.plan
  3. Never mind found that tab lol but hey thanks for the help
  4. Wheres the Transform and Replicate tab at?
  5. Yea I just saw that and sure enough it was the wrong size: ARCH D so I just changed it to the correct size I want: ANSI D but when I did that, the sheet itself shrunk down and the borders I have and all the text on the right side is all set too large. Is there an easy way to re-size all that?
  6. I am wanting to print from the layout sheet. Under the plan itself it is set as follow: Drawing sheet set to = ANSI D (22" x 34" ) Scale: 1/4" Under the layout sheet print window box: Printer paper = (11' x 17") Print source: ARCH D (24" x 36" ) Check Plot at 1/2" scale. I DO NOT know why while under the layout sheet the print source is set to ARCH D and not the correct one: ANSI D. That's what I am on here asking about it. Again I want to print from the layout sheet.
  7. Yea I dont know why it says ARCH D when I hit print on the layout sheet, even though I set up on the plan, drawing sheet set for ANSI D. Doesnt make any sense.
  8. I set my drawing sheet to ANSI D (22"x34") and hit OK. The I go to the layout sheet to print, say my floor plan sheet, and I hit 11"x17" for paper size and my drawing scale @ Check Plot 1/2" scale and it is giving my an error. It says oversized drawing sheet even though I set it to the (22"x34") which at 1/2 of that it is 11"x17". So why am i having this issue? I use X9 Premier. I don't want to print on the sheet with (fit to page, that will make it not to scale). I have also included two pics. Thanks in advance.
  9. How can I have multiple wall heights for when I view in 3D? I uploaded a photo as an example. I do know of pony walls and such but that seems to be pointless work on my end, cant the program have a tool that can "cut" walls down in size for this particular view I am wanting and I have X9.
  10. Not looking to see if its in code or not - I mentioned that I wanted to show it in the design.
  11. Na not like that - I mean an actual ladder - basically straight up and down
  12. Is it possible to use ladders to get from one floor up to the next without having to use big bulky stairs like for in a small cabin or something like that? I mean the main floor is barely 450 square feet. Would love to show an ladder from floor 1 up to floor 2 in the drawings, renderings. I am using CA X9. Thanks in advance.
  13. I imported that file and it seemed to work - thanks again
  14. So for fun, I just opened CA.X9 and started a new plan and for the drop down menu for the different scale options I am only seeing (NKBA Annotations) and to the left of that is another drop down menu that has the different "sets" I can select those but still having/seeing different options under the scale options.
  15. Yes, I am missing those other options....not sure why
  16. I am trying to use the NKBA Auto Dimensions in Chief Premier X9 and was successful on doing so, but having an issue....I went up to the tab where it says 1/4" scale annotations and clicked the down arrow to show more options just like one of the training videos show and there are no other options. So I do not know where they have went and even went into the default setting and still no luck with more options other than the 1/4" scale. Also under the NKBA dimensions, will the program have an "alert" of somesorts to notify the designer if there is an issue with the layout or a pathway or anything like that. I have used 2020 design program in the past and it did just that. Thanks in advance, James
  17. I have Chief Premier X9 and would like to know if there is a way to create floating shelves in my drawings. Such as wood shelves with metal or wood brackets. Or are there pre-set ones already that I don't know about? Thanks in advance. James