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  1. Thanks for your responses. It appears that using Siding-6 instead of Frame-5-1/2 allowed me to do what I needed to do. It's been a couple of years since I used this program so I'm back at the bottom of the learning curve.
  2. I am using CAX6 and am trying to get the exterior dimensions of a residential structure to reach to the extent just under the siding. From inside to outside, the exterior wall should have 1/2" wallboard, 2x6 stud walls, 1/2" OSB, 2" rigid insulation, and then siding for which I've allowed 1/2". All of the wall components will sit on the platform except for the siding, which should cover the rim joists. I believe I have the correct dialog box and selections to do it (or maybe not …. see attached screen shot). However, after I make the selections in the Wall Type Definitions dialog box and back out of the dialog boxes leading there, I find that the cross section is incorrect, and the outside of the siding is flush with the platform. If I return to the Wall Type Definitions dialog box to find out why, I find that my selections have not been saved. I'm careful to make sure that I back out of each dialog box correctly (Clicking OK, OK, Done, etc.) but the changes I make are not saved. There's probably something I need to select or conditions I have to meet, but darned if I can figure them out after hours of messing with it. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. I'd have to try it. I was relaying on the presence of a 2nd floor to locate window positions ("distance of top from floor" in the dialog box) and doors ("Floor to bottom" in the dialog box).
  4. Yes. Kbird1 duplicated the problem yesterday (Post 19). I posted the file above (Post 12) if you want to take a look at the file.
  5. Thanks ..... you've all been very helpful.
  6. I take a look...... and I don't think the lines appear as much in the perspective overviews.
  7. Thanks for trying it with X9. I'm pretty sure the dimensions will change, and the client is now talking about a covered wrap-around porch so the changes may resolve the issue. This is to be a small hotel and, of course, there'll be windows, doors, a large fireplace, etc. Also, the lines don't show up if it's printed as a pdf, so that may help, too. The original photo I posted containing the extraneous lines was from printing the screen as a jpg. This is why I'm refreshing my skills now for when the client panics and wants something in 48 hours for a deadline for a grant application or loan from the local IDC that I wasn't told about.
  8. My wall layers and makeup are identical, so I don't think there's a reason that thickness, etc. would cause a line. I turned the framing on because I was trying to clear some cobwebs from my 2-3 year disuse of the program, and then deleted the framing because I thought maybe it was bleeding through the siding and causing the lines. Someone else is doing the structural plans. I've only been asked to produce an outside view of what it will look like based on the plans and elevations. I've already been told that the building will change from what I have now. The structural forms in the view hanging out in space are just my trial and error to see how forms can be manipulated. The client wants a mountain-y look with peeled logs framing the entrance, but I'm waiting for the full plans and the elevations to see exactly what they have in mind. This includes what kind of siding, window type and placement, doors, roof, colors, etc. they want.
  9. Ultimately, they'd like views superimposed on the surrounding landscape to use for fundraising and grant applications (it's in a mountain location). This type of view seemed most useful once fully developed.
  10. OK, thanks ..... pls see the attached. Keep in mind I've just started this. Project Oak.plan
  11. I deleted the framing with Edit>Delete Objects. There is also a line where the roof gable meets the top of the 2nd story wall. I didn't build any roof framing, so I'm not sure why the line is there. I moved each wall a couple of inches out of alignment and then realigned them as suggested by Chief16designer to be sure they were snapped into alignment. The lines are still there. I suspect it's the program's rendering at this point. I haven't used CA for 2 or 3 years, but I got asked to help out with a project. There are lots of things I've forgotten. I'm sure I'll have more questions.
  12. I built the framing at one point to see if a framing issue was the cause, but then eliminated framing from the view. The lines appeared where the platform for the second floor was, though. I printed the image to pdf and the lines disappeared as Drawzilla suggested they might. I'm trying to produce some images for a client to let him decide how he'd like the project to look. As long as printed pdfs eliminate extra lines, things should be OK.
  13. Thanks. I had tried that before posting. The option isn't enabled in the menu so I assume the walls are aligned.
  14. How do I eliminate the vertical lines between the two floors appearing in the orthographic view of the attached? As far as I can tell, the 2 stories are lined up and no framing has been built to show thru somehow. I have X5. Thanks!
  15. Great, thanks. I only used the SSA a couple of times, but got better answers here on the forum anyway.
  16. I'm cutting back on my home design activities. My license expires on June 18th. I had assumed that the license was to allow you to use SSA and to get upgrades. If I do not renew my license, will I no longer be able to use CA at all? Or does the ability to use SSA and get upgrades just go away?