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  1. Thanks, Solver- appreciate the reply. I did check the framing, but not sure if the 1/2" (D) allowance is incorporated into the window size or not. So when I set the window width to 24" W is that the rough opening, as most windows are quoted in rough opening at Home Depot.
  2. I have created windows in my floor plan. I set the window width to 24". This is usually a stock width for the windows I use, but I want to make sure that Home Designer Pro 2018 is quoting the rough opening and is not setting the window size framed width to 24". How do I check or set that when I set a window to be 24" wide it framing the rough opening to 24"?
  3. I am looking for someone who can walk me through creating all the construction documents needed for permitting with city from Home Designer Pro 2016. The documents are: Site Plan, Floor Plan, Framing Plan, Foundation Plan, Mechanical Plan, Electrical Plan, Sections A&B, Schedules. Thanks- Dan