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  1. Thanks! That worked a lot better than messing with polylines!
  2. Here are pictures of some of my "wonky" attempts using "polylines". Basically, I want to create a semi-circular countertop that has the exact same curve on the back and the front and maintains the same overhang all the way around (16 inches in front and 8 inches in back). Using polylines requires me to manually adjust every few inches which makes me end up with some flat and some round edges.
  3. Help! I have a client who wants a semi-circular bar top for his wet bar (see attached) and I can't find any easy, neat way to create one in X5. I've played with customer countertops and arcs and converting to a polyline, but all I get are very "wonky" looking edges. Is there no easy way to create a curved countertop that will follow the arc of my half-wall support?