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  1. Hi I want to move forward with our renovation and am able to do most design work....BUT...I am seeking someone to place a staircase into my plan because I have tried for years and just want the properly dimensioned staircase in my drawing. The staircase is in a 175 year old tiny terraced home in the UK [I am American] but I think it would not pass a new build installation due to codes. I simply don't know why I cant dimension it properly and am ashamed to admit that, unless it is pretty easy to understand, i just want to give my plan with dimensions to someone who can 'install' the stairs to represent reality. It is a dangerous stairway but the common type in these dwellings and so, you just live with it. Is there anyone who will accept my floor plan with the dimensions and put in the staircase....i am not sure if i am more frustrated at not figuring it out myself after all these years or because i can't move forward with the plan we will be submitting for planning permission.... thanks
  2. hi....should the downloaded file for the upgrade to 2021 from 2020 show the title of 2021 or does it remain 2020 but with the 2021 update included?