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  1. Thanks for all your help was able to complete job using combination of pline solids and by make walls more narrow 1" thickness, thanks again.
  2. The problem I run into with building it with walls like a 2nd floor, is that I need the windows to be as big as possible, they need to come to within a 1.5" of the corners so its basically mostly window on all four sides, how would that be done with building walls. like you can adjust the width of the walls down pretty small, or is there a certain wall in the program that would work better than any of the others for this particular situation?
  3. I am unfamiliar with using "pline solids", tell me a little how that works, I am new to chief program.
  4. In my work I do a lot with cupolas, and I seems like it doesn't work real well to draw a custom cupola, with regular walls especially when they get down to being 24" square and then putting windows in there things just get to crowded and cupolas aren't built with that stout of a structure a lot of times unless they are a lot bigger, so my question is, is there a different method for building structures like that were you would use maybe a different wall type or something or is it just not very handy in this particular program, let me know what you think, thanks
  5. I do have auto save set to 5 minutes in preferences, would I need to call the chief tech support or is there a way to recover from the program, without contacting them.
  6. The program crashed on me and I lost everything I was working on for the last 4 hrs. is there a way to restore this, a message box popped up on screen saying something about a serious error occurred and I need to contact Chief to restore, any help is appreciated greatly.
  7. I am having issues with building trusses, ive read & reread info on cheif about trusses and it says that trusses will build inside the roof plane and ceiling planes however ever time I build a truss it builds completely out of proportion, (see screen shot), is there some defaults or something I'm missing
  8. Is there a way to create detail cross section like the picture I will try to post, on chief, in a layout?
  9. Wondering what 3d warehouses are supported by chief, in specific looking to see if I could download a catalog for IKO roofing products, wanting to get a list of all the different warehouses I can browse, thanks