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  1. llmiller83

    Chief 9.5 usb lock

    Thanks so much ChiefTalk contributors! I have a working hardware lock and a spare to use Chief 9.5 from some awesome and generous people! Sincerely, Lisa
  2. llmiller83

    Chief 9.5 usb lock

    Hi Lew, I used to have a house plan business drawing plans for a builder in town. I shut it down 3 years ago and got a job at as a mechanical drafter using AutoCad & Microstation. I started way back on version 3, upgraded from there, camped out at 6 for a long time, then got 9.5. It does all I need it to do. In the horrible flood back in August of 2016, my sister, brother, and father in law's houses flooded in 3 different cities. I needed to do some remodel plans for my sister and brother, but in the midst of getting an XP computer up and running to open Chief 9.5, the usb lock broke. The pins disconnected inside. SO I had to pull up my even more ancient version 6 and do their plans. I'd love to have my 9.5 operational again to draw some small jobs here and there for us and for relatives as they need. If I remember right, I've got 2 licenses in my name. I can't justify upgrading to the latest version since I'm not doing plans for pay any more. But thanks for the information, I appreciate it. Lisa
  3. llmiller83

    Chief 9.5 usb lock

    Hi, my Chief 9.5 usb hardware lock broke. Chief no longer has the ability to duplicate one. I've searched ebay and amazon to no avail. Would anyone happen to have a working 9.5 usb hardware lock that I could buy? Thanks, Lisa