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  1. THank you very just JMJ. I ended up building my another smaller room, raising floors and lowering ceilings to create the effect I wanted. LOL! That is much easier.
  2. Hi, I am working on a box window and I want to make the windows themselves bigger. I also want get rid of some of the framing. Is this possible with a box window? Design to Shine Verson: X8 3.6 ghz quad core 16 gigs of ram Ninvida gtx 770
  3. Thank you Scott, I appreciate the hand there. Rob, How do I use that file you have there? Do I just insert it somewhere into chief? Thank you everyone, appreciate the help.
  4. Here is the plan. master_bath.plan
  5. Hey Guys, So I am working on a wall niche. I made the wall and used the pass through window, removing the casing and sills. I then made the polyline solid and put it in the window. But I cannot get the polyline solid to show up in the camera view even after turning on every single layer. Any ideas? Best Regards, Charlene Design to Shine
  6. This is a new ipad air, so it should work. It shows it connected, but won't transfer the data. The instructions to the Disto say to push the Bluetooth button to transfer, still no transfer. Other instructions say it should automatically transfer after measure.
  7. So I finally got a Disto E7100i for measuring. I have watched the video with the room planner app and their measuring tool; but I can't figure out how they are getting the tool to load directly into the app. I thought it might be because I did not have the dimensions package so I bought that. Still even though it says the disto is linked via Bluetooth it is not sending the measurement information across. Any help guys? Is there some other module I need to buy for this to work? Thank you very much for your time. Charlene Design to Shine.
  8. Thank you guys so much for the help I really appreciate it. To put into context the powder room is part of a much larger house. All I was hired to re-design was the powder room itself. At the time it didn't seem like a big deal, sloped roof how hard could that be right? Right? Yeah 4 hours later, watched the tutorial video and roofs still was evading me. Thank you very much for the help. Rlackore....your irl suspicion is very close to the actual reason it is how it is. Once this project is done I am going to spend a few more hours building roofs, just to play with them. Again I very much appreciate the help guys. Charlene Design to Shine
  9. A ha, you can't have it open in Chief if you want it to attach. Good to know. /sigh Starting out as one of those days. Charlene Design to Shine powder_room_roof.plan
  10. Hey Guys/Gals, Man roofs are tough to understand. Attached is where I am on my plan. The wall opposite the door is the one that is meant to be shorter. Every time I try to change the height it auto-resets to 97 5/8. I have no clue where that number comes from since that is not the size of either wall. My mind is blown on roofs. Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it. Charlene Design to Shine
  11. Thanks guys I really appreciate the insight. Evergreen...I didn't attach a plan because there was nothing to see, other than a square room. Joey....I am about to embarrass myself. These folks just wanted to upgrade a powder room to a full bath, so that is all I drew. Doug....I have never played with roofs before, outside of adding a skylight. I will try to do this now. Thank you very much for the suggestion. Charlene Design to Shine
  12. Hey Guys/Gals/anyone that can help, So I am working on a bathroom that has a new issue for me. The wall opposite the door is an exterior wall and it is shorter than the interior wall. So the ceiling comes out 16" flat from the interior wall and then slopes down to meet the exterior wall. The interior wall height is 88.5" tall and the short wall is 62.5" tall. Now I know I can lower one wall but that always seems to leave a gap into the skybox. I have attached pictures of the actual room. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Version: x6 Processor: 3.4 quad core RAM: 16 gigs Charlene Design to Shine
  13. Gotcha, will upload now. Thanks Schlothauser_Lg_Bath.plan
  14. Version: x6 Interior. Looking at the right sink here, can anyone tell me why it draws the one sink lower than the other. It is user error (most likely) or a program quirk? see attached pic. Thanks for the help.
  15. Ha, got it. You have to stay in the plan mode. I was trying to single select a wall in the full camera view. attached is the glass issue.
  16. nm didn't work just moved everything back to default and when I tried what I thought you wrote it just painted everything again. I am not understanding something.
  17. So that seems to work, however I don't understand why. But for now I will just go with it. Along the same lines, When I am putting in the wall it stretches over and takes the texture off adjoining walls. Any ideas on how to fix this? I try to get the glass wall to 'snap' to the interior edge of the wall but it goes all the way across. see attached.
  18. rlackore, Thank you I will try that now.
  19. Version: X6 I put in a glass wall and everything is fine. I then went and painted the walls of the room and it painted the glass wall. I can't find a way not to paint the glass wall. Any ideas? Thanks for putting up with a new person's silly questions. I appreciate it.
  20. *scratches head* Where is the walls materials tool? I changed the properties tab like I showed up above, is that not the same thing? Kbird....That is cool. I asked about the shower pan as that did not look right without one. I was just told the drafter would notate that on the side of the drawing. Of course my problem with that is the design will look different from the final product. Also I have no clue how you used soffits to do what you did. I started a new project to play around with it but I am having issues doing it the way you suggest. More practice I suppose. Any tips? Sorry extremely new at this. Dennis....I can see how making the room in this way could cause issue with material estimates but it seems better than what I did. I mean I took and used the room divider (invis wall) to section off a part of the room. The client wanted different tile in that area, so to get the program to do what I wanted I had to make one room two rooms. Seems putting in a glass shower wall would be the easiest way to do that.
  21. I just finished with the bathroom webinar. Their way of having a shower seemed much easier than mine. When I did this I used the room divider to make different rooms and the but in a shower that way. It suggested just using a glass shower for the wall material. I opened a new project and it worked just fine, but when I went into the old project I am having issues. (I went back because the client really wanted a frameless door and I had been forced to use a framed door with my method.) No matter what I do it makes a normal interior wall. What am I doing wrong here? I have attached two screen shots to show what I mean. Thanks for the help.
  22. Odd Toto said that the files work with all CAD programs.
  23. It is a .bim, I figured that you would have to put it in an already existing folder.
  24. So I am looking at trying to import more files. Specifically Toto toilet files but I don't know where to save the files. Unlike the CA site they don't auto install to the correct folder. I have nosed around the directory but cannot find the files. Any ideas guys? Again thanks for all the help.