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  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. I appreciate that. So what do people do when they are trying to make their drawings dimensionally accurate? Do people use CA for accurate kitchen floorplans? I was using 20/20 before because I found changing cabinet styles combersum, but it definitely had more accuracy to it. Anywho, I will start adding doors to my cabinets so they will show on my drawing. Thanks for the tip.
  2. On the same topic, does crown molding increase the height of the cabinet when you add it? Man, I went through the manual, but it doesn't say.
  3. Hi, So I have set the defaults for the cabinet end panels as 3/4", but when I add them to a cabinet, they don't seem to increase the width of the cabinet or occupy 3/4" on my drawing. For example, if I have a 12" wall cabinet, and I add a right side panel using the cabinet settings, the cabinet length does not increase to 12 3\4", it remains 12". My panel defaults are 3/4" under the accessories. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Also, when I try to use End to End Dimensions to show the dimensions of the panels or partitions, it is touch and go if they can be sele