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  1. OK, I'll give that a try and Thank you!
  2. I have a project that uses 4x8x16 grey cmu block on the exterior of the building (built in the 1970's). Chief has 8x8x16 cmu grey block but I cannot figure how to be able to create a 4x8x16 grey cmu block. Is it possible to use the 8x8x16 cmu grey block and copy it and modify its height from 8" to 4" height? Chief has a "Grey Brick" which looks similar to what I am looking for but the brick dimensions are not what I need. I appreciate any suggestions. I am using X11, Windows 10. Tom
  3. Thanks so much for your help! I have no idea what i did to have this happen. Best to you. Tom
  4. I have a problem, for some reason when I input a dimension I only get result in feet. Usually when I type 60 the results is 5 feet but I get 60 feet. I must have changed something but I do not know where to go to resolve. Can you help? I drew a plot plan earlier but changed the General CAD default back to what is supposed to be as far as I know. It is like something got toggled. I cannot find any help Googling the subject. I have a new project starting and I am stuck. I am using X10 on Windows 10
  5. Thank you I think that was the problem. Appreciate it very much.
  6. Problem-as an example- when I send first floor of a plan to layout say page 4 then in the same plan change to the second floor of the same plan and send it to layout on say page 5 the view on page 4 changes from first floor to the second floor. Any help is appreciated.
  7. thanks, I did add program version in the signature area. I closed the program (X10 Premier) and restarted the program and problem resolved.
  8. This is the first time using this forum so I hope this is the proper place to post a question. All of a sudden I cannot resize plan sent to layout so I can not show extraneous information and to fit on the layout sheet best . It was working fine then for some unknown reason to me I cannot resize as an example a floor plan I send to a layout sheet.