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  1. Bross765


    Thanks for the info.
  2. Bross765


    Is anyone using 32" curved monitors? I know they're good for gaming but didn't know how well they would work with Chief. Thanks, Brian
  3. Bross765

    x3 group select stuck on.

    Thank you all for the information and quick response. I will open in X9.
  4. Bross765

    x3 group select stuck on.

    I have a client that likes a house I did in X3 just wanting to make a few changes. So I'm almost finished with changes when program starts to mess up. Every time I select and item, wall; dim.,text, or any object in plan it group selects any item I select next like group select is stuck on. Once you select an item you can not deselect it using esc. or by clicking off to side. I tried exiting this plan and trying another plan in X3 to see if I have the same problem. It is doing it in all my X3 plans. Wondering if anybody else has experienced this problem in X3 or another version of CA. By the way my newest version of CA is X9, thought about Copying plan files to it but worried it might mess up my X9 program. Thanks, Brian
  5. Bross765

    Designjet compatibility with windows 10

    Thanks for the info, very helpful Brian
  6. OK so I upgraded to Chief X8. Have HP Pavilion G7Windows 7 Intel HD integrated graphics not strong enough to show materials such as roofing, siding, brick in Elevation or perspective views. My drivers for Intel HD graphics are as updated as they will get. 2012. The min. requirement for chief x8 for Intel integrated graphics is 2014. When I send these views to layout sheets materials show up fine. Not very handy when trying to show clients 3D views. I'm thinking of getting new computer with a much better graphics card, problem is most new computers run Windows 10 O.S. Windows 10 is not compatible with my Designjet 430 printer. didn't know if anyone has experienced a similar problem and if so did you find a work around. I suppose I could print my layouts with PDF printer and send them to my Windows 7 Computer and print from there. Still not real handy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian