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  1. wpdesigninc

    Deleting duplicate catalogs in my Library Browser

    TY! I tried unsuccessfully to drag Items into trash - that prompted my post. On a Mac, right clicking my mouse and hitting control allowed me to request to delete items. Thank you all for the help!
  2. This should be a very simple task but how do I delete items that appear in my Library Browser twice? I have duplicate Manufacturer catalogs. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you for the comment. After shutting things down a second time, it resolved itself. Weird!
  4. Is it possible some setting was changed on my program? All of a sudden, I am unable to modify the dimension of an object, such a cabinet height or railing height when I open an object. I am able to make a modification when I do so from an elevation view manually. This just started happening today. I shut the program down and restarted with no success. Wondering if I accidentally turned something off or locked a setting in place for this result. Please advise.
  5. wpdesigninc

    Living Area Calculation

    Thank you. Based on what you have shown me, does this confirm the living area calculation of 900 square feet is based on outside walls? See the image I have uploaded for reference. Thanks in advance.
  6. wpdesigninc

    Living Area Calculation

    I am working on an ADU and the county requirements say it needs to be 900 square feet or less. On one hand, the county code says: The ADU cannot exceed 50% of the square footage of the habitable area of primary residence or 900 square feet, whichever is smaller I have 3 questions: Is "Habitable Area" determined on dimensions from Interior or Exterior walls when it comes to the 900 square feet requirement? Does this vary city to city or is there a code standard? My current plan has a total of 900 square feet. I also need to know if this total is based on a measurement from Interior walls or Exterior walls? How do I confirm? Is there a default setting where you set this to factor for living area calculations? Is there a standard in the IBC which states that the living area is always calculated on Interiors or Exterior walls? I will need to reduce my footprint if I find the requirement is based on exterior walls dimensions. Any experience with this code situation and knowledge on how to confirm this calc within my settings would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Is there a way to create a custom tile layout? I want to take a standard subway pattern and stagger it 1/3 rather than 1/2 with a specific tile size, 3.75 x 12.25. Thanks in advance.
  8. wpdesigninc

    Neo Angle Shower with curb

    I am working on a small bath design with a neo-angle shower and custom pan. I am using the X9 Interiors Program. I am looking for direction on two items: 1) I have built the shower using with the half wall tool and built my glass using a polyline solid. The shower has a 4" curb. How do I add a frameless glass door or convert one of the polyline sections to a door? When I to place a door in the section, I lose that section of curb? Each time I add it, the curb goes away. 2) How do I a) create a custom floor pattern for tiles of various sizes and b. Create a 6" border around the room and then insert my floor pattern inside of that border? Here is what I have so far Appreciate the advice!
  9. wpdesigninc

    Adding content/material on a Mac

    What is the shortcut on a keyboard using a mac to execute this task? https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00007/creating-a-custom-picture-painting-or-sign.html I right click as instructed but the "new folder" doesn't pop up. If I recall there is some function key that needs to be held down while you right click to complete this task. Help! Plus if there is a simpler method to add content, such as an image file, to use as a filler or accent in a frame please describe. Thanks!
  10. wpdesigninc

    How to draw a concrete porch with an unusual shape

    No offense taken. I switch between Chief and Revit so my brain has a hard time switching gears between the basics. Thanks for the direction. This will get the job done. Appreciate it very much!
  11. wpdesigninc

    How to draw a concrete porch with an unusual shape

    It is on odd shape following the lines of the house and I want to add a radius on the front. In Revit I use a polyline to create the shape.
  12. Looking for some guidenace on how to draw an unusual shaped concrete porch off a front door. Is there a polyline or arch tool to execute this? Would I use the slab tool to do this? Appreciate some direction.