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  1. Now I know I saw that I could somewhere - thanks!
  2. Running X12 Premier. How do I simply rotate a dimension in a wall elevation view?
  3. Thanks all for your suggestions. The issue was most likely a case of changing a material to one item with the painter that applied to all those materials in the plan. The referenced help videos were (as usual) a great refresher on how the paint tools work. Happy New Year!
  4. Yes, I used those tools a lot but material dropper and painter tool will not change the finish of the cabinets - just the color. When I use this tool, the walnut cabinet turns white but still has a wood finish. Originally, it was a white painted cabinet with no texture. Is there a way to change the finish on all the cabinets back to a white painted wood (without any grain displayed)?
  5. Looking for some help on an issue I am having with a plan. I made some changes to cabinets in a room (from white painted to walnut) and when I reopened the plan a few hours later, many of the formerly white cabinets in my plan were now walnut. Cabinets that were painted a different color or wood finish, did not change. I looked at my default settings and the cabinets are still set to white for base, wall, full height, etc but in my plan most cabinets are now walnut. Looking for some guidance on what I might have done to achieve this result and how I can undo the selection without going through the entire plan and changing each cabinet back to white painted cabinetry.
  6. Thank you. Based on what you have shown me, does this confirm the living area calculation of 900 square feet is based on outside walls? See the image I have uploaded for reference. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am working on an ADU and the county requirements say it needs to be 900 square feet or less. On one hand, the county code says: The ADU cannot exceed 50% of the square footage of the habitable area of primary residence or 900 square feet, whichever is smaller I have 3 questions: Is "Habitable Area" determined on dimensions from Interior or Exterior walls when it comes to the 900 square feet requirement? Does this vary city to city or is there a code standard? My current plan has a total of 900 square feet. I also need to know if this total is based on a measurement from Interior walls or Exterior walls? How do I confirm? Is there a default setting where you set this to factor for living area calculations? Is there a standard in the IBC which states that the living area is always calculated on Interiors or Exterior walls? I will need to reduce my footprint if I find the requirement is based on exterior walls dimensions. Any experience with this code situation and knowledge on how to confirm this calc within my settings would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Is there a way to create a custom tile layout? I want to take a standard subway pattern and stagger it 1/3 rather than 1/2 with a specific tile size, 3.75 x 12.25. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am working on a small bath design with a neo-angle shower and custom pan. I am using the X9 Interiors Program. I am looking for direction on two items: 1) I have built the shower using with the half wall tool and built my glass using a polyline solid. The shower has a 4" curb. How do I add a frameless glass door or convert one of the polyline sections to a door? When I to place a door in the section, I lose that section of curb? Each time I add it, the curb goes away. 2) How do I a) create a custom floor pattern for tiles of various sizes and b. Create a 6" border around the room and then insert my floor pattern inside of that border? Here is what I have so far Appreciate the advice!