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  1. Hello, Does anyone know if there's a way to control camera orbiting while in perspective full overview? I'm not sure if this is a feature or anomaly but if while in perspective full overview you hold down the left mouse button and drag it off screen and release....your model will spin indefinitely. The speed with which you drag and release controls the spin rate. This gives the effect of a drone taking an aerial shot of your model while flying around it. You cant always get it to spin so I'm not quite sure how to control the spin rate more precisely.. any thoughts? Thanks, Jeff
  2. I'm trying to model an A-framed home with flat roof (see photos) with fully exposed foundation with dimensions of 24'x36'. The second floor 36' wall directives are set with two roof pitches (4" & 68") but I modified the steep pitch roof plane with baseline height of 12 5/8" to rest directly on the first floor joist to get the basic house shape. The photos actually show a flat roof so the models upper roof pitch could change to something low like 1/2" Can anyone suggest a method of creating the side dormers which actually extend from the foundation to the roof? When I cut a notch in the steep roof plane to make room for the wall section underneath, it appears to work correctly on the first floor but the entire second floor wall is then visible.Existing_A.planExisting_A.plan I'm able to get a little closer to desired result by breaking up the 2nd floor wall and making "invisible" but I'm still left with the outer section of the wall at what appears to be the floor joist 2nd story floor joist elevation. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Existing_A.plan Existing_2.plan