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    Auxiliary Views

    Thank you very much! We were able to utilize the "Print to 3D Model" function to create the roof planes in the model below. I appreciate your help as we will be creating 45+ different models of buildings in my architecture and construction classes. -Joe
  2. JosephPremo

    Auxiliary Views

    Good Morning, I am looking to create auxiliary views of roof planes for creating 3D laser cut models to scale. We were able to cut the elevation views as well as the floor plan, however, we are struggling to find a solution to cutting the roof planes on more complex roof planes than the one I have attached. I am doing this with my high school architecture and construction class. We need the exact view of the roof plane in order to maintain its true dimensions. Is there a way to select an roof plane in orthographic projection and see its auxiliary view? In most solid modeling programs you are able to select a surface or plane and see its "normal" view. I have included two pictures of what I am looking to do which may help explain it better. Thanks, Joe