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    Having trouble with Wall Type default

    Chopsaw Thanks for the response. That did the trick.
  2. Having a problem with wall types in a current plan. I have interior walls that are foundation walls but are framed walls with sheetrock both sides. When I look in 3D the walls show siding on one side. When I click on the wall and remove the siding in the wall dialog the siding is gone on the wall but it is also gone from the entire exterior. I thought I may have removed something from the Default settings but I haven't found anything. My question is how do you change the settings on one wall without changing anything else? I'm sure it's probably a simple fix but I'm stumped. Thanks for the help.
  3. cooksbay

    Having dimension problems

    I'm using Chief Lite X5 and am having problems I haven't had before. The dimension default is set to the outside of the wall sheathing line. It seems to be having a hard time finding the dimension layer. Odd fractions are appearing and I have to look at each one to see were it is dimensioning to. If I try to move a wall to adjust the dimension to where it should be it throws something else off. It dosen't happen on everything, just on some dimensions. Any suggestions?