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  1. sunsetguy

    roof truss question

    I have two scissor trusses that for some reason project past the roof plane.. as shown in the screen shot..I have deleted and reinstalled and adjusted roof plane.. those two have a mind of their own.... If I click on open object and try to adjust them to the correct length.. they shoot out another 10ft or so... Suggestions will be much appreciated thanks.. X8 is the version
  2. sunsetguy

    reference floor display

    Hello All.... Using x8.. finding that the floor reference display, which has been completely problem free.. has suddenly decided to act up.. this is something I have not seen happen before thru several versions.. I m doing a single level home.. the display works for the garage area.. but not the main structure area.. There is a full foundation plan... the main structure is a mono slab.. the garage is a stem with slab fill....all at the same elevation except the garage fill is at -6" from the FFL:.. I've spent way too much time on that this am trying to resolve it.. asking for suggestions as to how and what to check..your suggestions are very much appreciated.. Thanks much...
  3. sunsetguy

    weird camera problem

    Chopsaw... thanks so much for your post.. I do have another plan I checked and the camera was was fine so i was sure its not a software problem.. I will go and check.. your suggestion is one i had not thought of once again thanks much
  4. sunsetguy

    weird camera problem

    Having a weird camera problem in x8...when going to 3d and "orthographic full overview"...the drwg shows as a pinpoint....I then have to zoom way in to get it to where it can be seen normally.. I recently upgraded from an older version... this new upgrade is superb in every other way....however I cannot find anything in researching this problem that offers a solution.. Suggestions are much appreciated .. thanks chief x8 windows 7 hp pavilion 1 tb amd radeon hd 6530d
  5. sunsetguy

    mouse causes white out

    thanks much Drawzilla for your comments.. .. I agree with you fully.. I was just trying to see if there was a procedure to run diagnostics before doing a re install.. and yes.. any help for X1 at this point from Chief is a lost cause for sure.. thanks again
  6. sunsetguy

    mouse causes white out

    I downloaded the trial version of x 8..I knew it would be impressive and it is.. very.... Having the X1 version ...that I am still using.. there is no editing in elevation view due to white out of mouse movement such as shown in the picture in this post.. as before we all suspected graphics problems In x8.. no such problem.. none... using the same desktop.. same graphics card.. it all works wonderfully.. So..the question is this.. is there a process to tell if X1 is corrupted.. and needs to be re downloaded until I can upgrade?? Appreciate any comments.. thanks again
  7. sunsetguy

    mouse causes white out

    thanks much for the replies.. Yes I quite agree x1 is indeed rather quirky.. I plan to be upgrading soon.. having been occupied elsewhere for several years.. I have checked the new version of v7.. I must say its very impressive. thanks again for your comments...
  8. sunsetguy

    mouse causes white out

    Thanks very much for the reply's Drawzilla and Mr Potter.. I will in fact try the "hardware edge " adjustment.. something i was unaware of.. I am running windows 7.. 64 bit...Yes I do plan to upgrade to windows 10 and also Chief..... at the moment for the most part the X1 is quite stable but there is the occasional flare up.. I appreciate the comments.. thanks again
  9. sunsetguy

    mouse causes white out

    Thanks much.. I did in fact update it several days ago.. I suspect that's the problem as well. thanks very much for your input, Sir....
  10. sunsetguy

    mouse causes white out

    Could something possibly be toggled "on" by mistake to cause this to happen??
  11. sunsetguy

    mouse causes white out

    Hello.. I m using x1.. a long time user but returning after a long hiatus.... When in elevation view..using the mouse to point to specific places on the screen... the cross hair produces white lines that obliterates the view as it moves over the screen.. I have checked and rechecked settings.. cannot find anything out of the normal. Thanks much in advance for any suggestions... x1 build 11..5.4.17 HP pavilion desktop AMD Radeon HD 6530D